Pairing pleasure with the essentials

 Handmade soaps and body care products


With each and every one of our body products, Casou lets you travel the world, all while respecting our planet. This is our mission. Every ingredient, every blend and every product is bought, thought and produced with the objective of providing a unique sensory experience, while minimizing our ecological footprint and yours. With each and every use, Casou permits you to enjoy an exotic getaway, through the freshness and sweetness of the world.

Casou offers ecological cosmetic products. Our motto is « Pairing pleasure with the essentials », that is to say: allowing our customers to travel the world with every use of our products.

Our products are sold online. We aspire to further diversify and to offer them at different points of sale. With the objective of continuously reducing our ecological footprint (reduction in packaging, in this case), we would like to position ourselves in the bulk sales market and the Zero Waste ideal, across Quebec and throughout Canada.

We’re a small family business and we believe in the strength of our values towards becoming an excellent reference in the field of ecological cosmetics around the world.


Our values

Minimizing our environmental impact.

Climate change is our reality; as individuals and as a company, we must constantly strive to reduce our ecological footprint.

  • Reduction:
    • We’re constantly working to reduce all the paper and/or plastic products that we use (packaging, printing paper, cardboard, disposable containers, etc.).
    • We buy in large quantities, thereby reducing the number of purchases per year and reducing GHG emissions due to transport.
    • We’re constantly searching for local suppliers. For example, our sunflower oil comes from an organic farm, located less than 20 km from our premises.
    • Another good way for us to minimize our impact on the environment is by purchasing organic raw materials, thereby reducing the use of pesticides for our consumer products.
  • Reuse : we reuse everything that’s in good condition (boxes and packaging of raw materials, boxes from our suppliers, stuffing materials for packaging, printing paper, etc.).
  • Recycling : we systematically recycle what we cannot reuse, whether it’s paper, plastic or raw materials.

Caring for people

At Casou, we believe in the importance of taking care of others.

Each product is thought and created with the intention to offer our customers a moment of relaxation, escape, and sweetness.

It is our duty to ensure the well-being of our direct or indirect suppliers, as well. Indeed, introducing equitable ingredients to our products is our way of ensuring that producers and workers have duly obtained their fair share in the sale of their products and for the work accomplished.


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