Perfect for exfoliation, our vegetal loofah sponge has its place in the bathroom*. After use, you will feel all the benefits on your perfectly invigorated skin.

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Wet the loofah sponge well to soften it, use it to lather your soap and rub your skin with circular motions without pressing too hard.

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About 5 inches long.


To extend its life, wring out the sponge well and hang it up to dry between uses. You can wash it in the washer or dishwasher from time to time and let it air dry (especially not in the dryer). After a lifetime of good and loyal service, you will be able to compost it without regret.

Country of origin

Finally! A loofah sponge produced here. You read that right. It is proudly planted and grown in Canada. Its culture is environmentally friendly and the loofah is compostable. Isn't that almost perfect?


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